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iRobot has pioneered the vacuum-cleaning robot market over the last 7 years selling and 10 years developing, but is now being joined by a growing number of competitors. As you would expect, a lot of the cheaper new products make great claims, but experience tells us they don't stand the test of time: and, since Roomba has been developed for use in over 40 markets and sold over 5 million home robots, iRobot certainly know a thing or two! iRobot specialise in robots, thats what they do! They are currently on their 3rd generation of technology and have won 45 design and engineering awards, worked with the U.S. and other militaries, various industries and work with the European and Korean Robotic bodies on the development of home robots. Some members of the iRobot team have also been lucky enough to work for NASA. Our roboticists have turned their minds to many products over the last 20 years: most relevant to floor care is the Scooba - a floor-washing robot that automatically preps, washes, scrubs and picks up dirt from sealed hardwood, tiles and linoleum floors.

Introducing the future of Vacuum Cleaners!

iRobot have the answer to your cleaning woes! The vacuum cleaner (also known as a hoover) has come a long way from the early days of carpet beaters - where one would hang their rug over a line and pound out as much dirt from the carpet as possible. The early 20th century saw a revolution with electric vacuum cleaners, such as Hoover, where the suction and beater bars would do most of the hard work for you. Vacuuming was still a time-consuming and tiring household chore. In the modern age of fast paced living, where spare time is at a premium, the hoovering can be left until the dirt and dust really builds up. Along with the obvious hygiene issues, hayfever sufferers and people with dust mite allergies can really feel the effects. Step forward the solution to all your problems, the iRobot Vacuum!

Enjoy life, clean less! No drudgery, no chores, no hassles.

We all like to put our feet up, let iRobot treat you - for the rest of your life - to a wonderful clean carpet, kitchen floor and wooden parquet.

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